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FFCR invites industry professionals for two days to network and get inspired. Taste, discover new products and services and expand your professional network among food professionals. This event is a ‘must attend’ for anyone who wants to keep up to date with the latest trends in the food industry. There are solutions for different kind of sustainability choices, ideas and thought-provoking discussions to improve your business. We welcome to to FFCR Tampere!

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Event themes

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Ecological, cultural and social symbiosis

The restaurant industry has undergone significant changes in recent decades, as ecological, cultural and social aspects have become more prominent. Ecologically sustainable restaurant operations have taken centre stage as minimising food waste, using local ingredients and energy efficiency have received well-deserved attention. At the same time, restaurants have started to function as meeting places for cultures, promoting diversity and understanding of the food cultures of different countries. However, promoting cultural diversity in the restaurant industry has not been without its problems. Challenges have been caused, for example, by cultural stereotypes. In addition, restaurants must take into account social aspects, such as fair treatment of employees, working hours, pay and promotion of a sense of community.

Come and hear how the industry can achieve a more sustainable and diverse future by considering these three perspectives.


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Collaboration between food, service and atmosphere

The restaurant industry is becoming more experiential and its future looks promising. Traditional dining is increasingly becoming a holistic experience that offers customers much more than just a meal. Restaurants no longer compete only in food quality, but also in atmosphere, service and storytelling. Many restaurants invest in interior design, creating unique and visually impressive environments that complement the dining experience.

Service experience is another key factor in the restaurant industry’s experiential experience. Customer service has moved from simple ordering and serving towards more personal interaction with customers. In addition, some restaurants use virtual reality or technology to provide unique visual experiences.

Join us to get inspired!


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Smart solutions for the restaurant industry

The hospitality industry has flourished with new ideas and technological advances. For example, automation in cooking, new options for customers with special diets and eco-friendly food packaging are just a few examples that have changed the customer experience and operational efficiency in restaurants.

At FFCR Tampere, you will hear about new innovations.. What kind of developments can improve customer experience and efficiency in the industry?



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Restaurant business in transition

The restaurant industry of the future will be ecologically conscious, technologically advanced and tasty in many ways. Restaurants are most successful when they keep up with these trends and offer their customers an unforgettable experience that combines taste, sustainability and innovation.

Also this year, the program of the FFCR event is teeming with super professionals, from whom we will hear about the latest trends and topics in the industry, and what new winds are yet to come.

Visit our event!

FFCR is an experience for all your senses: use all of them to find solutions to boost your business. See, hear, feel and taste the latest solutions in the restaurant industry.

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