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We serve professional kitchens from hygiene to foodstuffs.

We offer a wide selection of cleaning and hygiene products. Our well-known brands are HETI, LV and Provisor, which are all Key Flag products and manufactured in our own factory in Heinävesi. Many of the products also have Nordica Swan Ecolabel. Additionally, we offer comprehensive services for our customers from equipment maintenance to detergent dosing technology, product training and hygiene control. / /

You will also find Kikkoman and Rajamäen products for professional kitchens in our selection. With our products, you make seasoning, marinating, pickling and preserving easier. Many of the products are also available in larger packages to meet professionals’ needs. Professional chefs around the world appreciate Kikkoman’s soy sauce. Finnish Rajamäen is also a well-known brand in many professional kitchens. /

Berner is a Finnish, growing and internationalizing family business founded in 1883, whose high-quality domestic and international brands are an integral part of Finnish everyday life.


Berner&Sensire yhteistyö

Berner&Sensire yhteistyö

Yhteistyömme kunniaksi tarjoamme sinulle huikean mahdollisuuden voittaa täysin digitalisoitu omavalvontajärjestelmä yhdelle ravintolallesi 12 kuukauden ajaksi! Pääpalkinnon lisäksi Berner arpoo osallistujille laadukkaita tuotepaketteja.

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