Unlimited Foods
Unlimited Foods

Unlimited Foods

Welcome to our stand 202 and taste our almost revolutionary novelty – Unlimited® mince.
You can also try our Unlimited® pie and pasty – salty snacks, that are full in taste and texture and hard to believe are vegan.

Unlimited Foods is a Finnish technology-independent product development company. We manufacture vegan products for both HoReCa-customers, the food industry and store chains.

We believe that the most important factors are the same for vegan food as for other food: taste, ease of use and healthiness. And once more taste! These factors are appreciated both by professionals and consumers. And these are the factors by which we develop the vegan food sector forward.

Come and meed us, taste our products and state yourself: how have we succeeded in our work. We constantly develop new products, also customized products.
Welcome to our stand!




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