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We help professional kitchens succeed

Metos has been working to develop professional kitchens and to improve their efficiency and success for a hundred years already. Metos’ brand name “Kitchen Intelligence” speaks about our goal to increase the performance of professional kitchens.

We help our customers with our expertise throughout the entire life cycle of a professional kitchen or an individual equipment. We not only develop, manufacture, and sell top-quality equipment needed for professional kitchens, but we are specialists and experts in professional kitchens. We make our entire know-how available to our customers.

Total service for professional kitchens

In addition to a high-quality and comprehensive selection of equipment, we offer our customers the widest service package on the market, which starts from planning. Kitchen planning, training, and maintenance services guarantee that the customer gets the full benefit of their investment. The customer’s needs are always the starting point of our service.

Our brand contains the promise that we support our customers in all phases of the kitchen.

Kitchen planning, training, and maintenance – you can get everything from us

Many issues relevant to the functioning of the kitchen are already resolved in the planning phase. Metos’ kitchen planning always starts from a careful mapping of the customer’s needs. Our kitchen planning unit can deliver versatile services, from concept and installation images to process design.

With its expertise and wide product selection, Metos’ sales network can serve both individual equipment needs and demanding kitchen projects. With the help of the central warehouse in Finland, a significant part of individual equipment orders can be delivered already on the next working day. The overall delivery of Metos’ equipment includes installation, if necessary, and the delivery of end-of-use equipment for recycling.

User training is an essential part of Metos’ delivery. Professional trainers familiarize the users with the efficient, safe, and environmentally friendly use of the equipment. In addition to the user trainings that take place at our customers, we organize supplementary trainings and seminars at our Metos Center in Kerava.

Metos’ own national service network employs more than a hundred professionals in Finland. Our regional service centers and individual service points guarantee fast and expert maintenance and spare parts services.

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