Linkosuon Oy
Linkosuon Oy

Linkosuon Kahvila Oy

Linkosuo responds to many different customer needs with its business. Our lunch restaurants and cafes serve the entire Pirkanmaa area, offering tasty salads, home-cooked lunches and delicacies from Linkosuo’s own patisserie.
In addition to restaurant and cafe operations, Linkosuo’s party services help in organizing memorable events.
Linkosuo has an efficient production kitchen in Mannakopi, Kangasala, which can nimbly meet the demanding catering requirements of large events.
Our specialty is the preparation of cocktail services for big events in an artisanal style and taste.

Linkosuo is an over 80-year-old family business whose business is still managed by the founding family. We continue the tasty mission of our founders Aarne and Elsa Linkosuo, which began in Tampere in 1936.




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